Bashing Roger’s bashing |

Bashing Roger’s bashing

Dear Editor: I just read columnist Roger Marolt’s attack on Skiing Magazine (“Skiing for dummies,” Nov. 17). Too bad Roger doesn’t have the journalistic courage to call someone before attacking them in print. (Oh right, he’s an accountant, not a journalist.) But instead of defending Skiing Magazine here, I’ll let Roger’s brother do it. We ran this letter in our November issue:”You’re Gonna Want Those Stories” – Just saw the Shishapangma article in Skiing [“The Line,” September 2006]. I get so fired up when I read about people doing this stuff. I know most Gen-Xers don’t like to be bogged down with anything longer than a headline and a quip, but old farts like me still enjoy “stories.” Skiing is doing it right. Mike MaroltAspen, Colorado(Oh well, Mike is the better skier.) That’s all from me. I’ll let Roger go back to bashing the “blue jeans and Cowboys jersey tourists” he seems to hate so much. Don’t worry Roger, that anti-outsider vibe is great for Aspen. Maybe you can put your friends out of business and then help them file for bankruptcy.Marc PeruzziEditor-in-ChiefSkiing Magazine

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