Basalt urges residents to avoid bear encounters |

Basalt urges residents to avoid bear encounters

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

BASALT – Basalt officials are urging residents to “bear-proof” their property and to “let bears be bears” without calling the police for every sighting, according to recent news releases from Town Hall.

There have been a number of bears spotted in Old Town Basalt. People have called police even when there is no particular problem.

The police should only be called if a bear is in trash, attempting to get into or already in a home, or acting aggressively around people, the statement said.

To lessen the chance for encounters, the town is suggesting people avoid leaving their trash out, bring bird feeders inside, clean barbecues and make them odorless, store pet food indoors, pick fruit and bring it inside, close and lock all accessible windows and doors, and avoid mothers and cubs.

“If you bear-proof your area, bears will leave you alone,” Town Hall’s statement said. “Please help by keeping your property clear.

“Let us strive to co-exist peacefully and please let the bears be bears,” the statement concluded.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife offers tips on living with wildlife at

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