Basalt students witness history |

Basalt students witness history

Lyss Rouseve
Seann Goodman Andy Delany, Helen Leistikow and Lyss Rouseve pose with their " Hope for Peace" signs in the early hours of Tuesday, Jan. 20, on their way to the national mall for the Inauguration

WASHINGTON ” From waking up at o-three hundred hours, to trudging and zig-zagging over 11 miles of uneven Washington, D.C., streets in high-heeled boots, to keeping warm in the wet, cold wind, to waiting hours in lines, the adventure to the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama was one of epic proportions.

Students Andy Delany Helen Leistikow, Lyss Rouseve and teacher Seann Goodman had the coveted Orange Tickets for the ceremony. We were lucky enough to manifest two extra tickets because the students from Texas had two tickets that they were willing to part with.

The experience the four of us had was one we will remember and cherish tomorrow, the next month, the next year, and for the rest of our lives. It was without a doubt the most significant and phenomenal day of my life so far. One of the messages that I thought to be very inspirational in President Obama’s speech was that greatness is not served to us; it is something we earn. This is important for me as a young individual because I see the potential and capability within myself and within others to achieve greatness, but I realize that this is only possible if we work hard toward what is important.

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