Basalt should be like Basalt |

Basalt should be like Basalt

Dear Editor:

I read Scott Condon’s article on Wednesday titled “Basalt draws up a plan for getting more hip.” Why does Basalt aspire to be something they aren’t? One day they want to be like Aspen; now they want to be more like Carbondale. Basalt has its own place in the valley and should aspire to be Basalt.

Unfortunately, Basalt looks outward for its identity rather than inward to be hip or whatever. Does Basalt wants to be like El Jebel, too, or is it now West Basalt? Confusing. The past few years have been about protecting Basalt from itself with all the NIMBY politics. Now you want to be hip like who? Whole [Hole] Foods is/was kinda hip?

I wanna be just like you …

Deanna Miller


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