Basalt sets a bad example on bags |

Basalt sets a bad example on bags

Dear Editor:

I find it incredibly disappointing and quite shocking that Basalt, a town so dependent on nature, tourism and clean water, overturned the recent bag ban. I feel ashamed of my community and ashamed to tell people from Aspen and Carbondale that I am from Basalt.

While our surrounding communities are acting progressively to protect our incredible valley for future generations to enjoy, we are the bad apple of the valley that will continue to litter and poison our environment, our water and ourselves with these harmful toxins. While others are making sacrifices to reduce plastic and waste, they will have to endure our secondhand littering. And what for?

According to opponents of the bag ban, namely Roy Chorbajian, “It’s government overreach.” I understand where the opponents feel like the government is invading our personal decisions, but if we cannot be responsible for our actions that affect others, then government measures are necessary for an issue such as this.

If you don’t think that plastic bags are an issue, then take a trip to the Pitkin County Landfill and look at the thousands of bags that have been blown into the surrounding flora. These bags will leach toxins into our groundwater, detrimentally affecting our lucrative fishing industry, tourism and personal health. This is just one of many adverse effects of plastic bags.

For those of us in the community who want to see the Roaring Fork Valley continue to thrive and flourish healthily for future generations, we must lead by example, showing that life without plastic bags can be simple and easy for everyone. The time is now to start taking the necessary steps to ensure the health of our community and ourselves. As for people who are still opposed to the

plastic-bag ban, especially Roy, I would be more than happy to chat with you about possible alternatives as well as personally escort you to the landfill.

I can be reached at my email:

A.J. Hobbs


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