Basalt police chief deserves our support |

Basalt police chief deserves our support

Dear Editor:

I have had the pleasure of working with Roderick O’Connor for 32 years, both as a colleague in the study and teaching of the martial arts and as an invaluable assistant in my organizational trainings that I conduct throughout the world.

Roderick is the epitome of integrity, character and hard work. He exemplifies what I believe is needed in the valley regarding police work and its leadership – somebody who first and foremost creates connection and trust among residents as well as embodies all the skills necessary to ensure our safety. Moreover, he is a life-long learner, someone humble and yet courageous enough to listen and to change if appropriate and to confront those in the police force who are unwilling to do so.

Although I don’t know the particulars, the resistance to positive change from some individuals in the Police Department may be at the core of this inter-departmental struggle, as evidenced by the unwillingness to confront Roderick directly with their concerns and to disable his ability to even address the issues. I am certain that Roderick would listen and be open to resolution, but he never got the chance. We need to allow him to speak. I know he will do so with respect, not malice and truth, not blaming.

Roderick O’Connor has always had the community’s back. We need to have his.

Thomas Crum


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