Basalt official wants issue reconsidered |

Basalt official wants issue reconsidered

Staff report

A Basalt councilman said Wednesday he will ask for a reconsideration of a pre-development agreement for the former Park and Fork site in Basalt.

Councilman Bernie Grauer also said in a memo to Town Manager Mike Scanlon that he will change his vote to approve the pre-development agreement that came before the council Aug. 11.

Scanlon regularly uses pre-development agreements as a way to spell out the responsibilities of the town and a developer when a project is proposed. The agreements don’t grant approval to projects. This specific agreement would allow the town to hire its financial consultant to do a fiscal analysis on various-sized development scenarios at the Pan and Fork. The town government and Lowe Enterprises, a developer with an option to buy a portion of the Pan and Fork property, would split the cost.

The council was deadlocked 3-3 on the pre-development agreement Aug. 11, so the motion died. The council also said it might put a question on the ballot about the size of development at the Pan and Fork.

Grauer wants the vote on the pre-development agreement reconsidered Aug. 25. The council must approve reconsideration.

Grauer said in his memo that he changed his mind on the agreement because of comments made by Jim DeFrancia, president of Lowe Enterprises.

“Despite the uncertainty of a possible council referendum or a voter initiative, and the council’s failure to enter into a pre-development agreement, Jim is willing to go ahead studying a possible project,” Grauer said. “That was a game-changer for me.”