Basalt man pleads guilty to ID theft |

Basalt man pleads guilty to ID theft

A Basalt man pleaded guilty Friday to felony identity theft related to a credit card stolen from a parked car a year ago.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutors agreed to drop felony theft and other charges filed against David Thompson, 40, for allegedly stealing mountain bikes, said Kathy Gowdy, his attorney.

Thompson was first arrested in September, when Snowmass Village suspected he might be involved in stealing high-end mountain bikes from Aspen and Snowmass Village. Thompson later fled to California, where he was arrested on unrelated charges and extradited back to Colorado.

Prosecutors later filed identity theft and misdemeanor theft charges against Thompson for allegedly taking a credit card from a parked car in Eagle County and using it to buy fast food, a bus pass and items from an adult store in Grand Junction.

Thompson is scheduled to be sentenced in October.