Basalt Jewish center would bring vibrancy

Dear Editor:In her article of April 28, Aspen Jewish Center plan raises traffic issues, Carolyn Sackariason missed the primary point of the April 27 meeting. Although traffic, a minor issue, was discussed, the major topic of dissension came down to NIMBY not in my back yard. A small, yet vocal group of residents who live a quarter of a mile from the proposed site do not want a preschool in their neighborhood. Even though a Jewish Community Center would be an outstanding addition to our town, a few people seem to be unable to tolerate the thought of hearing children playing and laughing. The people who object to building the center on Ute Avenue seem to have mistakenly moved to Aspen thinking it is a retirement community. Its not. Aspen is a vibrant community filled with activities: skiing, hiking, biking, music, Food & Wine, parades, fireworks, and thank G-d, childrens laughter. To start childrens education at the preschool level helps promote an early interest in learning. This is something that Aspen and, indeed, the entire United States needs to do. Locating a spiritual center in our inspiring surroundings could actually be a positive step toward making these neighbors happier people. The matter, then, seems to be weighing the needs of our children against any potential disturbance to their neighbors, although no evidence exists to suggest that noise from the children or their activities will actually extend far enough to bother these residents. I would hope that our elected officials have the wisdom to understand that our children are our future. When the activities in no way infringe on the well-being of others, neither our local government nor unhappy residents should infringe on the well-being of our children.Larry RosenfieldAspen


Summit for Life race returns for 18th annual ‘Kickoff to Winter’ at Aspen Mountain

After being postponed last weekend due to weather, the Chris Klug Foundation hosted its 18th Annual “Kickoff to Winter” for the 2023 Summit for Life on Saturday. Hundreds of registered participants hiked, skinned, or snowshoed their way up the 3,267 vertical feet to the top of Aspen Mountain in falling snow and 14 degree weather, all for the great cause of raising awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

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