Basalt growth within reason |

Basalt growth within reason

Dear Editor: I am writing to support the most recent Planning and Zoning Commission decision to keep the door open for Basalt’s master plan.We do have an issue with overcrowding and in some cases, poor living conditions with numerous families in one unit. It must be a tough job for all to decide what is best for the town, but let’s put the shoe on the other foot. I believe to give proper living spaces and oversee occupancy levels would actually increase the respect for our town and keep workers here and happy. Let’s give them the opportunity to be proud of where they live.We have seen the positives of additional employee housing in Aspen and its purpose to attract the staying power of locals. Basalt needs the same opportunity and I respectfully encourage the council to consider all the options in this decision. Being a local resident since 1997, not much has changed with regard to employee housing. Maybe it’s time? Thank you. Ann Wilkinson SmithBasalt