Basalt Cub Scout demonstrates values |

Basalt Cub Scout demonstrates values

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times

Colton Scherer has been a Cub Scout with Basalt Troop 242 for less than one year, but he’s already learned the Scouting values.

Colton won a bicycle that the troop awards via a drawing every year. Scouts earn their name in the drawing for every three Christmas wreaths they sell prior to the holidays. Basalt Bike and Ski provides the bike.

The bike drawing has been a popular event among the Cub Scouts for the past eight years, according to Jack Albright, a troop leader.

After Colton won the bike, he reflected for a while and decided his own bike was good enough. “He decided to donate it back to the Pack,” Albright said. “His direction was, ‘Maybe there’s somebody out there that needs it more than I do.’”

A committee of Cub Scouts leaders conferred on how to award the bike to somebody else and decided to give it to Tomas Ramos, a third-year Cub Scout whose family recently was relocated from the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park in Basalt. Tomas didn’t have a bicycle.

“We felt one of our own was in need as much as anyone else could be,” Albright said.

The bike was presented to Tomas on Saturday at a bicycle rodeo Troop 242 participated in. At first, Tomas was reluctant to accept the gift. Then Colton’s dad, Scott Scherer, explained that Colton wanted him to have it, according to Albright.

“Pretty soon he was on the bike and popping wheelies,” Albright said.

Tomas’ dad, Jose Ramos, said Tuesday his son hasn’t been able to ride the bike very much because of the weather, but he’s looking forward to riding as the weather warms.

Tomas is a third-grader and a Bear Cub. Colton is in first grade and is a Tiger Cub.