Basalt council still negotiating with town manager prospect |

Basalt council still negotiating with town manager prospect

Staff report
Ryan Mahoney
Town of Marana |

Negotiations are ongoing between the Basalt Town Council and top manager prospect Ryan Mahoney, Mayor Jacque Whitsitt said Thursday.

The council met in a closed session Monday to discuss terms of a proposed contract. It was presented to Mahoney that evening.

Whitsitt didn’t disclose the nature of the ongoing talks. She said the council would meet again to discuss the contract during its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday and hopefully come to a resolution. That indicates the Mahoney has made a counter-proposal that the council must consider.

Mahoney said Monday that housing was “at the forefront” of issues remaining to be resolved.

The pay range was advertised as between $124,000 and $170,000 along with full benefits. It hasn’t been disclosed if a housing allowance was part of the offer. All terms of a contract will be public once a deal is struck.

Mahoney, 41, is currently development services director at the town of Marana, Arizona.