Basalt: Check out tonight’s forum |

Basalt: Check out tonight’s forum

Dear Editor:

Traditionally, the Basalt Chamber of Commerce sponsors a televised forum between candidates that are running for council here. It is an easy way for voters in Basalt to meet the candidates and has been a civil affair in the past. This year is different.

David Fiori, Chicago developer and chamber president, is influencing what questions are asked of the candidates. He personally wrote one of the questions. This is manipulative and gives developers a bad name because the questions directly relate to a project he is proposing in Basalt.

Another question asks about “reducing the tax burden.” If you are familiar with surveys and statistics you know that how a question is asked can directly influence the answer. The question assumes that there is a tax burden. Amazingly, there is a tax question on the ballot that involves a property in competition with Fiori’s. It would favor Fiori if that ballot questions fails.

My problem is with Fiori and not members of the Basalt Chamber or its staff. The forum is 6 p.m. tonight at the Basalt Middle School and will be televised on Channel 17. I urge them to get in touch with the community and have a discussion of issues that residents really care about.

Jim Paussa



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