Basalt boy killed in bike-truck accident |

Basalt boy killed in bike-truck accident

Aspen Times Staff Reports

An 11-year-old Basalt boy was killed Wednesday afternoon in what authorities called an unusual accident between a bicyclist and a construction truck.

The boy, Hunter Scott, was riding his bike eastbound with a friend on Meadow Drive in the Willits subdivision when he encountered a westbound flatbed truck pulling a trailer, according to authorities.

“He somehow managed to end up under the wheels of the trailer of this construction truck,” said Basalt Police Sgt. Chris Maniscalchi.

Scott died instantly after suffering massive head and chest trauma, according to Eagle County coroner Scott Thompson. The boy was declared dead at the scene. The accident occurred at about 4 p.m., when traffic was light in the quiet subdivision.

Investigators were trying to figure out what happened to result in the boy ending up beneath the trailer. There was no head-on collision nor any type of T-bone situation where the boy was struck by the truck, Maniscalchi said.

Officials said the boy ended up under the trailer’s wheels, but the bike did not. Investigators were canvassing the neighborhood to find other witnesses to help explain the accident.

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There were no skid marks visible on the road. The truck and trailer, which had the name of an El Jebel construction firm, were parked a short distance from where the boy was hit.

“It doesn’t appear at this point that there was any excessive speed,” said Maniscalchi.

The other boy was uninjured in the accident. He was being comforted in the lawn of a Willits home next to the scene of the accident by law and medical officials from Basalt. A woman, identified by a bystander as the uninjured boy’s mother, arrived to take the traumatized boy away.

The driver of the truck was uninjured but obviously distraught, Maniscalchi said.

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