Banished by a lizard |

Banished by a lizard

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Twenty-eight years ago I was challenged, attacked, threatened and my professional reputation impugned by a slimy, cold-blooded, 6-foot reptile intent upon seizing control of City Hall. Though cooler heads prevailed and we retained the keys to the city, the mental anguish, physical abuse and monetary diminution I suffered in beating back the premeditated, hostile attack upon our community took its toll.

Today, I languish in New Delhi, India, 12,000 miles from my beloved Aspen, and only experience the bumps of Ruthie’s; the fresh, nurturing swell of budding Aspen; the cool, soothing rush of Hunter Creek; and the crisp, thirst-slacking draft of a Little Annie’s draw vicariously.

And, why? Why, because a lizard, manipulated by a nefarious cartoonist, bent upon destroying our community, reared its ugly head from the storm drains of Mill Street and ran amok through our town.

Fellow Aspenites, I beseech you to stomp this insidious creature back into the primordial slime of the prehistoric era from whence it came. Do not let Sal A. Mander pander to your heartfelt instincts of fair play and a democratic process. This reptilian scourge does not share your values. It is a chameleon, who will changes its colors to suit your mood.

Banish Sal A. Mander from Aspen, and deny him the forum he so dearly wants, or suffer the consequences, which may range from Donald Trump being invited to town as the commissar for employee housing, and McLain Flats being flooded as a breeding pond for Sal’s offspring.

Rise up and keep the forked-tongued politics of Sal A. Mander from shaping Aspen’s future.


Stacy Standley III

New Delhi, India


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