Banding together for booze

Dear Editor:Well, I hope the Snowmass Village Town Council and staff heard us loud and clear. At the Monday night Town Council meeting old and young, rich and poor, drinkers and nondrinkers, homeowners and renters, laypeople and attorneys, even former pro-Base Village and anti-Base Village voters spoke together with one unified voice! In a packed council chamber we took turns speaking out against the proposed abolition of the BYOB tradition we all enjoy at the Thursday night concerts. It was marvelous! Even two out of three council members (Arnie Mordkin and Reed Lewis) made strong remarks against the recommendation that the Marketing Department take over the beer and wine concession on Fanny Hill!Now lets see if Mayor Merc, Sally Sparhawk and John Wilkinson were listening.Happy spring!Joe FarrellSnowmass Village


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