Ballot issues not so scary

Dear Editor:

Kara Williams finds it “scary” that someone could be a fiscal conservative and support the three tax relief ballot issues – 60, 61 and 101. It’s inconceivable to her anyone could disagree with her politically.

The only “scary” part of this campaign is $6 million in special interest spending by 124 corporations, 30 percent out-of-state or foreign-owned. Their scare-tactic TV and radio ads threaten instant disaster if your family keeps 2 percent more of its own money in tax relief phased in over four, 10, 20 and 40 years.

Maybe a parent has noticed government’s wasteful spending doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse door.

Maybe a taxpayer understands that doubling spending hasn’t doubled results.

Maybe someone has reviewed budgets and seen all the inflated salaries for administrators and staff.

Maybe someone has read and sees that the 10-year phase-down of less than half the property tax revenue is fully replaced by state aid, as required by existing laws and Amendment 60. The annual amount is only 0.6 percent of total state spending, which has zoomed 476 percent since 1984.

Williams says she’d “love to pay $10 annually for car registration but not at the expense of my kids’ education.” Proposition 101 does cap that car tab fee at $10, but no registration money, now or ever, has gone to public schools. None.

So vote for Proposition 101, Kara. You can also vote for 60 and 61, because schools will not lose one dollar from their passage, either.

Debbie Schum