Balance the budget with busts |

Balance the budget with busts

Alas, Pitkin County is broke, or maybe just bent.

Poor Bob Braudis and his minions have no free coffee to drink.

Psst, here’s an idea for you commissioners and for Bob and his crew: Instead of spending all that time on the porch behind the office, drinking coffee, get your butts out on Route 82 during commuter time, and ticket all the cheaters in the HOV lanes.

Not only will you be able to afford coffee again, but much of the deficit will disappear as the idiots trying to save a whole minute of commute time are fined for their transgressions.

Now I know having the sheriff and his band of merry men (no, that was the guys on the other side wasn’t it?) actually write tickets and fine the upstanding citizens of this valley may be an alien idea, but gee, folks, give it a whirl.

Many of us who are stuck on the highway up and down the valley will be wearing huge grins.

P Kerr


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