Bait and switch |

Bait and switch

Dear Editor:

Wow! More change we can believe in – not. Now the Obomer and the rest of the corporate sock-puppets in Congress implement their classic bait-and-switch. The Bait: health care reform. The Switch: mandatory private insurance for everyone and no group negotiating drug prices down. At this point anything less than the only viable solution, single payer, should rightfully fail – until (if ever) we free ourselves of the tyranny of this corporate dictatorship masquerading as our government.

What’s missing from the debate is the costs of Empire. The more than 700 bases garrisoned around the globe and our imperial wars in Iraq and AF/PAK that are doomed to fail. Cut the bloated Pentagon budget 50 percent, and there’s more than enough for single payer.

It’s simple: abolish empire. The world is not a U.S. colony.

Ben Newell


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