Baghdad is not a threat |

Baghdad is not a threat

Do not vote for war in Iraq. Baghdad is not a threat to the security of the United States. Iraq has a delivery range of 400 miles and Washington is 11,000 miles away.

An unsanctioned war with Iraq will inflame 25 percent of the global population to support more terrorist efforts against the U.S. If the neighbors of Iraq do not support military action, then why should we throw out our international prestige and good will by marginalizing the U.N., NATO and our European allies. The cost in terms of international governance and cooperation will be enormous.

What cost will you accept to lead us into the new JINGO WAR against the AXIS OF EVIL. If you truly believe that Baghdad is a threat, then you should be willing to go to the front lines and kill for your country.

You should also sign up your children and not the children of your constituents to die for this folly. The administration has yet to produce credible evidence to the American public, the U.N., or any members of the international community as to the intent of Iraq’s leaders.

Mr. Blair’s dossier was nothing more than old news with editorial vilification of Saddam to whip his country into a war mode.

What will we win by producing civilian casualties in the Muslim world? Who will be the next despot in the region? Will the U.S. allies in the region be deposed by rising fundamentalism? Will we be safer or will there be more jihadis out there do us harm?

What kind of body count will you accept? Five-thousand or 50,000? Will you include your own family members in that count? The ’91 Gulf war was concluded because George senior could not accept any more American casualties.

There have been retired military commanders, senators, vice presidents and members of the international community who have cautioned against this act of unprovoked aggression. Listen to them.

The vilification of Saddam, jingoism and the shadow of 9-11 will not enhance our national security or your political future. The overwhelming numbers of people I have spoken with in my area are against this war.

It is your responsibility to represent us, and vote against the impending war resolution.

“Give Peace A Chance.”

Mark Dahlstrom M.D.


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