Bag fee shows signs of hypocrisy |

Bag fee shows signs of hypocrisy

Dear Editor:

I’d like to add my $0.20 cents to the plastic bag fee debate. I agree that the amount of plastic thrown away without a second thought is choking the planet. However, plastic bags are vapor in the wind of this hurricane of waste in our world. It seems that most humans have no conscience when it comes to throwing things away, and recycling in its present voluntary state is not enough.

If our local governments want to get involved, why don’t they just ban plastic bags all together and let the consumer figure it out. Or maybe the whole community could get involved with a voluntary committee, which includes citizens from school age to seniors, all who probably have better ideas than to impose a fee on hard working locals and guests.

Or maybe the government could start this movement by setting an example. The multitude of laminated date specific “No Parking” signs that were posted every 24 inches around town during the big bike race comes to mind for me as an example of the lack of wisdom by our government. How were these signs discarded? How many plastic garbage bags in temporary bins were used for events taking place in Aspen just during the summer months alone? How many eight ounce plastic bottles of water were freely given out? It is hard to be a model citizen when hypocrisy is all around you.

The last disincentive in the name of saving the planet our local government imposed on citizens has become a monstrous creature. Parking in Aspen has become a nightmare, and the department in charge of it has grown substantially. This department, which was once located in an office in City Hall, now has its own building and is so overwhelmed that it forgot that its meters were not properly functioning for three years! The plastic bag debate is one instant where I feel that the government should not be all things to all people.

There are already many ways to recycle plastic bags. City Market in El Jebel has a bin as do other grocery stores in the valley. The bag that my Denver Post comes in has the website printed on it. If our government feels the need to participate in curbing the tide of waste in our community, have at it. Sponsor efforts for volunteer groups like they did for mining ideas for events, or look internally at ways to improve waste management within their own departments. But please, stop thinking that it is OK to punish citizens for a way of life that has been evolving more than the past 30 years!!!

Kim Vieira


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