Bag fee is pointless |

Bag fee is pointless

Dear Editor:

It looks like government will be changing the costs of carrying home groceries. I feel it is unfortunate that the consumers of America are not smart enough to realize easy ways to save money. School education is being cut while wars rage on at billions of dollars per day, but a less educated populace is easier to manipulate and reign over than a well-educated one!

To anyone who has a dog, there is no such thing as a “single-use” plastic bag from the grocery store. If you bring home groceries in it, there is a very good chance you’re going to pick up some dog droppings with it too. Will there be a 20-cent fee for all those green dog crap bags that are located around town? Maybe I should start leaving my dog’s crap where he drops it so I will be more environmentally friendly.

Also, what about all of those even-thinner rolls of bags that are located in the produce isles? People put fruit in a thinner bag, then check out, put that bag in another bag, then some go home and throw them all away.

I was at City Market in Carbondale last night getting some items. Yes, I admit I had to use a plastic bag because I was not planning on going shopping and did not bring one of my reusable canvas bags. So that makes me a less-than-perfect person … news flash!

However, while I was there I kept hearing a popping noise and was wondering what it was. As I got some bananas I noticed three kids who were pulling bags off the roll, blowing them up, popping them in their hands and tossing them on the produce bins. Their parents sat by and allowed this wasteful behavior to continue for seven to eight bags and said nothing until I did. I told the kids each time they pop a bag it costs their parents more money to buy groceries, and the moms just sat there and said nothing. I would have been spanked and told not to be disruptive and wasteful.

A 20-cent fee won’t even dent the hundreds of thousands of dollars the bag manufacturers spend lobbying Congress! We should increase those companies’ taxes for the waste their product creates. Are any of those bags even produced in America or do they import that too?

Maybe government should legalize hemp so we can make reusable bags out of it!

John Norman


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