Bad time at Boogie’s |

Bad time at Boogie’s

Dear Editor:I had an interesting experience in Boogie’s Diner yesterday. I stopped in for a bowl of chili with a friend, and instead of a yummy bowl of grub I got a jack hammer replacing the downstairs floor and a “Liverpool Lashing.”I leaned on to a wet table, which ended up discoloring my shirt. I was sure it was bleach and that my overpriced James Pearce $50 T-shirt was ruined. I informed “Ross of Liverpool,” the general manager, of my dilemma so that they would not have this happen to anyone else. Instead of, “I am sorry, let me get you some soda water,” I was given a snarl, a snub and a snicker. Don’t you think that Ross could have handled this situation a little bit better? Here are a few examples of what would have made my Boogie’s Diner experience better:• I am sorry.• Can I get you some soda water and a rag?• Please let me discount your iced tea or even your bowl of chili for you.• Let me dry-clean your T-shirt and see if it comes out.• Let me give you a gift certificate for another bowl of chili on another day.• Let me see if we can get you a comparable shirt downstairs for a discount.• Ross not telling me that, “We do not use bleach, there is no way that that is bleach.”• A smile!• The waitress not saying, “Don’t be mad at me” when she hands me the check.• I am sorry.• Can I get you some soda water and a rag?• Ross not saying “If it was the Tabasco it is not my problem, I do not make Tabasco.”• Maybe even some eye contact on my way out and a “goodbye, have a nice day.”I really only wanted A and maybe even B, but I got Z which was having to get up and ask for my check.By the way, I did get the stains out of my shirt with soda water and a rag, so Lloyd from London, I mean Ross from Liverpool, was right. I just really feel he could have handled it better. With that said, Ross, you can consider me bleach as I won’t be used in Boogie’s Diner, either.Gunilla IsraelAspen

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