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Bad sport

Dear Editor:

Being a slow “Letter to the Editor” week, I decided to respond to the “somewhat” mean-spirited letters by Glenn Smith and Tom Daly about my letter regarding painting our street corners.

Obviously I wasn’t clear. I like that motorcycles, scooters and hybrid cars can park for free on the corners. I just didn’t think we needed to paint every corner in town. Glenn and Tom know about the parking rules, and visitors can easily find out – so why paint? Besides if a corner is not painted, does that mean you can’t park there?

Moving on, Glenn likes the idea of a “ranting mime.” I love it! So, I’ll be auditioning ranting mimes during my new radio/TV show, to be filmed live at the Saturday Market beginning June 19. I would like to invite Glenn to be a judge of the competition. Please, bring your quiet A game.

Now, Tom Daly took mean to a different level with this quote: “You are the furthest thing from an Aspenite. You do not participate in any of the Aspen sports.”

I did not realize being an Aspenite was based on playing Aspen sports? I do play basketball, but that probably doesn’t count. And I work for a living, writing (not a sport), serve on a number of boards (not a sport), volunteer (not a sport), and have done more than 1,300 radio and TV shows about Aspen (could be considered a sport).

But, based on Tom’s criteria, I guess after 12 years, I’m not an Aspenite – damn!

In order to protect the community from people such as me moving to Aspen, I’d like to invite Tom to be on my show, so we can put together some language for the Aspen Area Community Plan to prevent this from ever happening again.

Andrew Kole



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