Bad karma |

Bad karma

Dear Editor:I would personally like to wish the low-life scum who “exchanged” his trashed Atomic R9 170 cm skis with Salomon bindings for the brand-new similar skis with Tyrolia bindings (near the Holland House on Aspen Street on Wednesday, Feb. 16), the bad karma he or she deserves. Your conscience, if that is what you in your mind might call it, is abhorrent. You left your trashed equipment, including substandard poles, at the bottom of the 1A lift shack, thinking your actions would “justify” your blatant theft of the new identical skis. I would advise you to keep looking over your shoulder for the remainder of the ski season, because the whole patrol is watching for you. In fact, there’s a reward out, if any of your so-called friends noticed you “all of a sudden” have “new” skis! Karma, of the bad variety, to YOU!Lideke van SlingerlandtAspen

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