Bad for Steve, good for us |

Bad for Steve, good for us

Steve Benson

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if I’m not hurt, sick or recovering from the extraction of all of my wisdom teeth, I’m working. If I’m immersed in any of the above, it means it’s snowing, which it’s probably doing right now, since I’m working. Once again, you can all thank me at your earliest convenience. Beer is an acceptable form of gratitude. Enough about me. It should be a powder day, as the National Weather Service was calling for 3 to 5 inches of snow overnight. When all is said and (momentarily) done by tomorrow morning, an additional 4 to 8 inches may fall.But that’s not all. There’s a chance of snow, well, every day this week and into the weekend, with the highest chances on Tuesday. Of course, keep in mind that those chances will increase if I re-injure myself, or become otherwise indisposed. And based on my recent past, that is somewhat likely. We’ll call it a 50 percent chance of another nightmare. My new downstairs neighbor is apparently gutting the entire unit to make way for who knows what. The construction workers lock the door at night when they leave so I can’t sneak a peak. But since my building is old, there is a decent chance the walls may cave in while I sleep and I’ll take a stray nail to the leg, or better yet the head. The things I do so you all can enjoy powder and one of the best winters in recent memory … jeez. Once again, I enjoy all sorts of frothy beverages. But if you’re going to go cheap and buy me Bud, pick up the 16 ouncers – it keeps me in touch with my Arkansas roots. Deliveries can be made directly to The Aspen Times, care of Steve Benson. On a serious note, though, the backcountry may be a place we should all avoid for the time being. A massive skier-triggered slide occurred on an east-northeast aspect above treeline outside Highlands on Friday. It was about 500 feet wide and ran about 2,000 vertical feet. Nobody was caught in the slide. At least somebody’s lucky.

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