Bad communications, bad PR |

Bad communications, bad PR

Dear Editor:

I think this community deserves an explanation. The airport was rendered almost incapacitated a while back (and still is), and we were given no notice at all. We all booked air tickets without any knowledge of less service at our airport.

I myself have had $450 in rental car fees, and I know countless others. We should have been given some notice, or the airport should have been closed. We would have been unhappy, yes, but would have made other arrangements (maybe the airport manager and Pitkin County should take a hint from City Market; if you can’t provide full service, shut down temporarily).

I am shocked that ACRA is not more upset about all the bad PR our town is getting. This has not been fair to any local or tourist involved, especially the airport employees, who are dealing with all the backlash. We don’t need bad press for Aspen/Snowmass.

Staci Stokes

Snowmass Village

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