Bad banking

Dear Editor:Be careful when using the night drop at the Bank of Colorado in Basalt. I dropped a deposit in Monday morning before the bank was open. Well, Tuesday the money was not posted. I called the bank and they said it was not there and they will look again. I called back an hour later and they said, “Sorry, it is not here.” So, I went in and asked them to check the cameras so they knew I put it in the night drop. The man told me that the cameras only record 24 hours and then it starts over and the previous 24 hours are discarded. B.S. – it is a bank. I called the bank president and he told me that they would check the tape and see if maybe it fell out. I told him what the man had told me and he said, “That is simply not true.”Of course after I went to the top, the bank found my money – in the garbage.I would like to thank the bank president for his help. But the way I was treated in the Basalt branch is not right. The man sent me on my way and told me that they followed “protocol” and that he could not help me anymore. The teller threw away $748, and there was nothing he would do for me.Jennifer BowersCarbondale