Backing Bush’s lies |

Backing Bush’s lies

Dear Editor:As NFL camps open, I’m reminded of the axiom that your only as good as your last game. Mindful of that, Mr. “Give War a Chance” Thomas Freedman trotted out his latest at Explores last week.As an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of Bush’s folly in Iraq, shouldn’t this “greatest foreign policy mind” be held to account – after all, on the biggest issue of the day, the illegal, immoral and counterproductive invasion/occupation of Iraq, Mr. Friedman was/is, sadly, dead wrong.By promoting corporate-military perspectives on “security” in Iraq, T.F. and our corporate media have seriously endangered our global civilian population (been riding the subway lately in NYC, Tom?). And of course, tragically our brave young soldiers, who continue to die for Bush’s Big Lie (38 this August alone).But hey, Halliburton’s fourth-quarter profits are up 284 percent with $50 million in new prison construction to house the “insurgents.”In their pursuit of the agenda of empire, History’s Fools have led an attack on justice, on liberty, on our safety, on our future, on us all.We the people of conscience, from Conundrum Hot Springs to Crawford, Texas (Cindy Sheehan and military families against war) demand answers and accountability. Peace.Ben NewellAspen

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