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Back the parrots

We have a wonderful and much needed facility, The Gabriel Foundation, in Emma that is in jeopardy. This facility rescues exotic birds from around the country. It then nurtures them back to health and adopts out the birds that can be taken back into loving homes. Many of the birds will remain in the facility for the rest of their lives as they have been abused or mistreated to the point past being able to adopt back out.

Besides this, the facility does many educational programs in the valley and around the country educating people about parrots, their dwindling habitat in the wild and the general wonders of these magnificent creatures.

There are few facilities like this anywhere in the country, despite the fact that birds are the third most popular pets in America. They do wonderful work, and I would really hate to see this facility be forced to move again, which would probably shut it down.

If you would like more information please call The Gabriel Foundation at 963-2620. If you are a supporter of The Gabriel Foundation, PLEASE write or e-mail your support of this facility to: Murad/Eagle County Special Use Permit; Roaring Fork Valley Planning Commission; C/O Eagle County Community Development; P.O. Box 179, Eagle, CO 81631; fax: 970-328-7185; E-mail:

The Gabriel Foundation is scheduled to appear before the Roaring Fork Valley Planning Commission at the Basalt Town Hall today for an Eagle County Special Use Permit, and an outpouring of public support is needed to determine the fate of this great addition to this valley.

Tammie Lane



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