Back off, government |

Back off, government

Dear Editor:

I recycle. I live in a passive solar house that my husband designed and built in 1981 when solar houses weren’t in vogue. I take cloth bags to the grocery store sometimes, opting other times to use their paper sacks as I line my kitchen trash bin with them (they break down when wet) so I don’t use plastic in it.

It angers me that the city is trying to impose a five-cent “fee” for those who use bags in town when purchasing any goods. What bothers me the most is the punishment mentality they are using – if you aren’t green then you will be penalized. City Market has it right by using a reward mentality – if you bring your own bags, they will reward you with a five-cent per bag compensation! And the city fee is going to go to “education.”

Give me a break – who doesn’t know that using cloth bags, recycling, etc. isn’t the best for the community? All the local schools teach this – they even have an Earth Group that my daughter belongs to at the high school. I am green whenever I can be, out of desire not force. I don’t need the government mandating me to be. And now I hear they are trying to make bags fees a valley-wide trend. Back off. This is government intrusion at its best.

Carol Jenkins

Woody Creek

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