BAC doesn’t lie |

BAC doesn’t lie

Dear Editor:

I am absolutely flabbergast at the process and decisions made by Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely in the case of Erika Gallegos and a BAC of .232.

I understand that we don’t know all the facts but there is one fact that is beyond reproach. This young woman was driving a car with blood alcohol well above the legal limit. What about that is not breaking the law? The fact that she didn’t kill someone or possibly herself?

She had made law enforcement look like a joke. We have all had to endure crackdowns, speed-traps, overzealous officers. The truth is, this all makes us more aware and hopefully helps us make better choices because the consequences are real.

The message this judge and DA are telling us is that it no long matters what the truth is. Where have we heard this before?

Janet Testwuide