Baby makes three |

Baby makes three

May Eynon

As Tommy and Kira Kearsey await the arrival of a new addition to their family, friends and family members have been helping them prepare for parenthood. Their first child is due right around Halloween, which means it’s prime time for baby showers. Last Sunday afternoon, longtime friend Paula Eaton hosted a party in honor of the mother-to-be and her baby.

While the ladies dined on soup, salad, chips and salsa, their significant others headed down to Kearsey’s house in Carbondale for a stag barbecue and to watch the Broncos game.

Though Tommy and Kira were friends growing up together in Aspen, they didn’t start dating until college. Three years ago they tied the knot and bought a house in Carbondale. Kira teaches kindergarten at Aspen Elementary; Tommy is a conference director at the Aspen Meadows.

In addition to the adults at the baby shower, several children also attended. Tim Schlumberger, just 10 weeks old, appeared to be happy at his very first shower. “He’s pretty good at parties, so I thought I’d bring him along,” said his mother, Sophie.

Three-year-old Sydney Forster and 6-year-old Caroline Godfrey helped Kira open her presents, sharing the spotlight as others looked on.

Among the plethora of presents were baby bouncers, crib sets, a diaper bag from the Baggage Claim, “onesies” and other outfits. The mother-to-be was exceptionally appreciative of every gift she received for the baby.

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“We’re not sure what we’re having, but everyone seems to think it will be a boy,” said Kira. “We’ll find out soon.”