Awaiting a Prius |

Awaiting a Prius

Dear Editor:I agree completely with Jim Perry (Aspen Times, Sept. 8) that it is imperative we kick our oil jones, and that this bad juice has cost millions of lives, despair, profoundly dishonest wealth and staggering worldwide poverty; it has financed death in the Middle East, worldwide terrorism and political corruption in Washington, D.C. If this is where the left and the right can agree, so be it.One point. I don’t drive a Ford Subdivision. We have kids and dogs. My wife I share a six-cylinder van and an old Volkswagen Bug. But mostly we hike and ride bikes. Should Ford or Chevy ever build a solar-powered and safe four-wheel-drive van, I will be the first in line. Until then we are waiting for our Prius.Patrick HasburghAspen and Panorama, British Columbia

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