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Avon robbery, assault suspect arrested

Steve Lynn
Vail correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

AVON, Colo. – A teenager suspected of robbing a liquor store, cutting the store clerk’s face and burglarizing an apartment was jailed Saturday night, said Avon Police Chief Brian Kozak.

Eduardo Enrique Enamorado-Casarez, 16, of Avon, allegedly walked into Joe’s Liquors brandishing an 8-inch-long steak knife and asking the clerk, Richard MacPherson, for money shortly before 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

MacPherson did not comply immediately with the demand and was cut in the face, Kozak said. MacPherson was treated and released from Vail Valley Medical Center with minor injuries.

“Apparently it wasn’t fast enough for the suspect, and the suspect began attacking the clerk,” Kozak said.

Someone in the store reportedly threw a chair and hit the robber, who fled the scene without any of the store’s money, Kozak said.

Police suspect Enamorado-Casarez then went to Sunridge Condominiums and tried to break into a man’s condominium as three Avon Police officers and two Eagle County sheriff’s deputies – one of whom had a German shepherd – searched for the liquor-store assailant, Kozak said.

The man living in the condominium reportedly confronted the burglar and called police, Kozak said.

Police suspect Enamorado-Casarez then crossed the street to Brookside Lodge and began cutting screens with the knife used in the attempted liquor store robbery to try to open windows, Kozak said. Police believe the suspect finally broke into a condominium and opened doors and closets inside, Kozak said.

“We believe that he did take items from that first apartment, but we haven’t been able to confirm that yet,” Kozak said.

A woman in another Brookside condominium then called police to report someone attempting to break in. The police dog had by then led authorities to Brookside Lodge, Kozak said.

In the hallway of Brookside Lodge at 11:08 p.m., Avon Police and sheriff’s deputies arrested Enamorado-Casarez, who was carrying a knife, Kozak said. Enamorado-Casarez may have been under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, Kozak said.

Police believe Enamorado-Casarez also robbed Joe’s Liquors on Sept. 24 and burglarized the Agave restaurant in Avon on Sept. 22, Kozak said. Kozak declined to say why Enamorado-Casarez is suspected in those incidents because police are still investigating.

On Sept. 24 at Joe’s Liquors, a man reportedly walked inside Joe’s Liquors and asked to buy cigarettes at 9:36 p.m. The clerk asked for identification, which the man did not have, according to police.

The clerk reportedly told the man to leave and the man pulled a knife on the clerk and took some money – police would not say how much – from the cash register. The suspect ran away, police said.

On Sept. 22 at Agave, a man broke a window, climbed into the closed restaurant and confronted owner Richard Wheelock with a knife before climbing back out of the window and running away at 11:12 p.m., according to authorities.

Teamwork between Eagle County sheriff’s deputies, Avon Police and residents resulted in Enamorado-Casarez’s arrest, Kozak said.

“It was a good job by everyone,” he said.

Enamorado-Casarez’s faces charges that include aggravated robbery, second-degree assault and first-degree burglary ” all felonies. He is being held at a Denver jail for juveniles, Kozak said.

Kozak asked that Enamorado-Casarez’s photo not be published because police are waiting for witnesses to identify Enamorado-Casarez in connection with the other crimes through photo lineups, Kozak said.