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Avon improves its whitewater park

Vail Daily staff
Aspen, CO Colorado
The Avon Whitewater Park is undergoing some modifications to better server kayakers on the Eagle River. (Contributed photo)

AVON, Colo. ” The Town of Avon is currently expanding the access and viewing area of Avon’s Whitewater Park as well as making significant improvements to its three water features, Baby Bob, Bob Jr., and Bob Sr.

The park is located at Bob the Bridge on Avon Road with public viewing access on the north bank of the Eagle River. The proposed improvements will expand the spectator viewing area for special events and increase the performance of all three river features.

The work began in late August and will continue to Sept. 16.

“This year we did not see the water features perform as we had hoped,” said Town Engineer Justin Hildreth, who noted that it is common for new whitewater parks to undergo some tweaking the first couple of years. “Most whitewater parks need some adjustments to find the optimal boulder arrangement. By adjusting the positioning of the boulders we have now, we hope to see an improvement in the features for next year’s kayaking season.”

Readjustment to boulders in Baby Bob, the first of the three water features, has already been completed. Readjustment to Bob Jr. and Bob Sr. will be finished by Sept. 16th. Other improvements to the area include stabilizing the boulders around the viewing area to provide a larger patio-type area for public viewing.

The Whitewater Park was constructed in 2006 and was developed to establish a recreational destination along the Eagle River through Avon, located west of Vail. Avon held its first Whitewater Rodeo series in May and June 2007, and included paddlers from across the state of Colorado. Cost to enhance the Park’s features and improve access to the viewing area will cost approximately $100,000.


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