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AVH official’s home burglarized

Chad Abraham

An Aspen man was arrested earlier this month for allegedly breaking into the home of one of the top officials at Aspen Valley Hospital and stealing prescription painkillers.Charles Nitze, 19, is charged with burglary.Jan Sarpa, wife of Jon Sarpa, chairman of the hospital board of directors, called Aspen police around 10 p.m. on Dec. 6 after she heard footsteps above her while she was in the basement. Being in the home alone, she locked herself in a basement bedroom, according to a police report.Two officers responded to the Meadows Road home, and at the same time Sarpa heard police radios outside, she heard “a loud commotion upstairs,” the report says.Officers saw fresh footprints in the snow in front of the house and around cars parked in front. Police allegedly found Nitze when he opened the front door. He told police he was looking for someone.Sarpa told police she had heard Nitze’s name before, “but that he didn’t have any business in her house,” according to the report. An officer searched Nitze and allegedly found in his possession several prescription painkillers that were written out to both Sarpas. He also had a radar detector in one of his pockets, the report says. When questioned about it, he told police it was his “speed detector.”When asked who the painkillers belonged to, Nitze allegedly replied, “Whoever lives in that house.”Sarpa said the radar detector had been in her car and identified two pairs of dirty socks allegedly in his possession as belonging to her mother.Also found on Nitze, according to the report, was a “SpongeBob SquarePants” girls watch.He was arrested and charged with burglary and jailed on $13,500 bond.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is chad@aspentimes.com