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AVH board needs to listen

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Great editorial by Andy Stone on the hospital’s failing finances. I agree that the board of directors should be held accountable, but I have a different take on which board members screwed up.

The problems began under and were vehemently denied by the Meg Haynes board. Bill Brunworth, Greg Kayne and a handful of employees continually alerted the Executive Management Group (EMG) and the Haynes board of the gross mismanagement of the Middlebrook/Bartlett administration. It wasn’t until Sarpa’s board was elected that the investigation actually began and that, at long last, the CEO and CFO were relieved of their duties.

While we are holding people accountable, how about those members of the EMG who hid the truth from the public for years in order to protect their six-figure salaries. Ginny Dyke, Pat Pier and Linda Karaus were approached by many employees over the years with allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the administration.

They chose to side with the CEO and CFO, protecting their jobs, often at the expense of the employees who came to them. I don’t like finger-pointing any more than Dr. Karp does, but I am also tired of innocent, hardworking, dedicated employees taking it on the chin for an inept upper management.

I want to thank Eben Harrell for his article, “Origins of hospital problems uncertain” and for remembering Brunworth and Kayne. Their sacrifices to expose the truth were enormous, but they never stopped fighting.

Long after their employment at the hospital ended, while the rest of us had given up and moved on with our lives, Bill and Greg continued to fight to get new board members elected and then stayed in the board’s face until the job was done. Thank you guys. Truly, thanks.

From that same article, I laughed out loud at D’Alessio’s ignorance of the guest editorial written by Brunworth and Kayne in 2000. That is typical of how much attention the Haynes board of directors paid to the hospital’s problems and to the employees who try to alert them.

I certainly hope that whoever sits on the hospital board of directors in the future will learn from this fiasco. When you are approached by the hospital staff with allegations of mismanagement – listen!

Jeanne Soulsby

former AVH employee

Taste for crane?

Dear Editor:

I’ve read in several Colorado papers lately, including yours, that state wildlife officials are considering a hunting season on the greater sandhill crane. Am I missing something?

I’ve never seen sandhill crane on a menu or, for that matter, never been served sandhill crane at a dinner party. It must taste a little like coot, only fishier. This proposed hunt, then, must be strictly about the kill of these beautiful birds.

Todd Malmsbury of the Division of Wildlife says, “no studies have been done to determine the stress placed upon birds in an area where they are hunted.” Todd, give me a call – I think I can give you a vague idea of what it’s like being shot at without ever being in that situation or doing a study on it. Oh, and Todd, the bald eagles are really getting thick down around Aspen Glen.

Don Dixon


The valley’s true beauty

Dear Editor:

My husband Nick told me every day that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yet, we don’t realize the real beauty because we see it every day and don’t acknowledge it, or we take it for granted.

This last month, I have seen the real beauty of this valley and this community. It has come to me and my children in the form of meals, flowers, donations, time and love. There are no words to describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for all of you who have made this dark time so much easier. I will never be able to thank or repay this valley for all their support, kind words and generosity, but nevertheless, I would like to tell you all thank you.

As Nick touched so many of you, all I can say back to you is that so many of you touched him.

Debbie Alcorta


Uninvited visitors

Dear Editor:

We Americans have paid for “The American Dream” with our blood, sweat and tears. Others are coming here, uninvited, and declaring this is their “right” ahead of American citizens!

Ten-thousand not-legal Mexicans are violating our southern borders each week; 300,000 not-legal Mexicans are in Colorado at this time, along with 12 million unidentified noncitizens who are in our country at this moment. This invasion is predicated on the lie: “Americans are too lazy to do their own work.” Oh, really!

We Americans can take care of ourselves and we will help others to do the same in their own countries, if they articulate their own national vision and ask for our help on the rare, temporary occasion they might need it.

Eloise Ilgen


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