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AVH board doing its best

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

After reading the recent opinion pieces regarding the continuing AVH saga, I did a bit of my own research surrounding the events at 0401 Castle Creek Road.

Before I relate what I found out, I must say that I was contemplating a sojourn to the Front Range in search of some retail therapy. On the way, I thought I’d take a side trip to the large brewery in Golden. I figured that if Ms. Lum decided whom to vote for by “polling everybody” at AVH, then I could adopt her technique for myself, thus saving the effort of actually having to research the candidates for the Senate race.

Reading on down the page, I came across a word I didn’t know – triumvirate. Hoping to improve my vocabulary, I checked the closest Webster’s and found the word meant “a commission of three men.” In her column (Aspen Times, April 21), Ms. Lum uses the word to describe the present board. Last count, there were five members, all with an equally weighted vote.

As far as the length of time it took for the ruling triumvirate (whoever they are) to “clean house,” knowing what I do about the process, they just might qualify for the Guinness Book of Records.

Later that same week, I happened upon “A pain in my AVH” (Roger This, Aspen Times, April 11) and found the dissing of the hospital board alive and kicking. As I read, it occurred to me that opinions were voiced sans any supporting rationale.

I didn’t get the point of comparing AVH’s revenue loss to home pricing, but the use of secure and retirement in the same sentence really got my attention. If you have a retirement account full of securities, as AVH employees do, then you have a 33 percent chance of growing your money. The market also moves in two other directions.

And if you want to see the law of supply and demand in action, watch what happens when a large chunk of the population arrives at the age when they’re forced to start selling shares of their mutual funds without an equal demand from buyers. Ouch!

I don’t know the logistics of how people were fired, but before I form an opinion, I’d like to see a videotape, given the variety of people’s perspectives on a particular event.

The unavoidable fact is that AVH is a business. Had the current board not known what they do know about finances, AVH would’ve run out of money by mid-June. The severance packages were the product of the previous administration and given all the negativity the board is consistently bombarded with, I wouldn’t blame them for resigning en masse.

My own concern is that there may have been insurance monies received by individuals meant to retire AVH bills and aren’t being used for that. Thank goodness for karma!

Without the caring and dedication of the board members, I doubt that we would for very much longer have had a viable hospital. But as anyone in the medical profession knows, all bleeding stops eventually.

Deborah Hutchinson

Part-time AVH paramedic


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