Autobahn vs. rail |

Autobahn vs. rail

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Dear Editor:Well, getting ready to catch the train for a little shopping in Munich, not that I don’t have a car, and I could be on that “wonderful” autobahn within five minutes, but … these three lanes too have an end and sooner than you wish for, you will be stuck in a stop-and-go. So why not hop on a train (if you are lucky enough to have one)? Take the kids and the dogs too, kick back and relax. Planning on taking the Porsche for a little skiing in Garmisch? Well, it’s just forty minutes on that “wonderful” autobahn, oops sorry, thirty in a Porsche, we are talking going 250 km. an hour, right? Wrong! While you are sitting somewhere near the end of the autobahn, hopefully with enough gas in the tank to keep your feet warm, knowing there won’t be a parking space left by the time you get there … well you guessed it, there goes that train past you, and you really didn’t need all those people grinning and waving at you, did you?Well, I guess you get the picture.Anybody who’s ever been to Europe knows that trains work. The ski town of Zermatt, Switzerland, can only be entered by train and seems to have survived quite well for decades now. And yes, there are snowplows for rails.When I lived in Aspen, car-less, I just loved the local bus system, saved me a lot of money too. Getting out of town was another story, Glenwood turned into a day trip.I have known the valley for 30 years, but now when I come back I am horrified by what the roads and the traffic have done to it!So what are you waiting for? You have wasted so much time already, build that railroad!And one more bit of info: the Danish railroad company found a way to make money; they downsized the management!Just think: the West was won by and with the railroad and everything you love about it will be lost without it.Monique KruegerSeeshaupt, Germany

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