Auto-wildlife crashes rise in Colo. for 2015 |

Auto-wildlife crashes rise in Colo. for 2015

Monte Whaley
The Denver Post

If you are traveling to grandma’s house this Thanksgiving holiday, please avoid producing more road kill on Colorado’s highway and byways.

That’s the plea from the Colorado Department of Transportation, which reports that in 2014 — the most recent year of data collection — wildlife-vehicle collisions were up 15 percent. There were 3,960 wildlife-vehicle collisions reported to law enforcement in 2014, up from 3,437 in 2013. That is also above the 10-year average of 3,590, according to CDOT.

The highest number of hits reported in one year was 4,013 in 2012.

The 2014 numbers show that 3,667 involved vehicle damage, 287 produced injuries and six involved human fatalities.

Once again, La Plata County tops the list for the highest number of wildlife-vehicle collisions in the state, with 306 in 2014; Jefferson County, 265; Douglas County, 248; El Paso County, 209 and Montezuma County, 169.

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