Author due for an Aspen visit |

Author due for an Aspen visit

Dear Editor:I have a modest vision, and it comes from reading only the first few pages of a new book, Thank God for Evolution, by Michael Dowd.The subtitle goes: How the marriage of science and religion will transform your life and our world. To quote the book jacket: The debate … has been bitter and divisive, with each camp dismissing the points of the other. [The author] offers a perspective that allows both views to exist in harmony.Further, [w]ith evidence from contemporary astrophysics, geology, biology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, he finds a unity, not a collision, with religion. Ranging over concepts as diverse as deep ecology, original sin, the Big Bang, salvation, and sustainability, Thank God for Evolution celebrates a cosmology that is comprehensive and non- exclusionary.Also he provides a solid moral and ethical foundation for a life of passion and deep meaning in troubled times.Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow (a science writer and also marriage and travel partner) do not have a permanent residence. Theyre on the road, going wherever they are invited to speak. For more than six years, theyve talked with groups, done workshops, conducted praise services and held discussion groups. They travel in a van and usually stay with locals rather than use public lodging.My modest vision asks: Why doesnt a group in Aspen invite this author and his partner to speak about these ideas?Perhaps the Aspen Chapel, the Community Church on Bleeker, the Aspen Institute, the Given Institute, the Aspen Center for Physics, the Aspen Writers Foundation or the local school district could invite and sponsor them here.Michael can probably be reached through the publisher (Viking/Penguin Group) or by e-mail ( By the way, the book is very readable.Its just a thought, this modest vision, but maybe its an idea whose time has come.LinelleAspen

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