August 2004 |

August 2004

August 2004

From the 1st to the 13th you will feel uncertain about “Who am I and where am I?” because your ego strength is just not strong now… it is weakened because you are more focused and connected with spiritual and psychic realms of existence and so “solid reality’ is not so solid now.

Meditation is a good thing to be doing, as well as any spiritual work or reading. I recommend the Dalai Lama as he is always connecting the heart and spirit in real and practical ways.

The next couple of months – with Mars now in Virgo – you will need to handle all the details of life as well as put a lot of energy into getting everything perfect. As well it is a perfect time to begin a program of physical health and lifting weights (Mars is the ruler of iron!) to also perfect your body.

Your Core intensity and deep inner flow continues until the 19th and then you begin two weeks of even greater energy to get the above things handled. This will now be done with the view and necessity of

freeing yourself, of opening much more space for you to play in your life the way you want to play, by your rules. This all started around the 10th and with it a mental revolution where your mind is in the laser lane to catch up and understand all the changes that are happening. It is in major and serious critical analysis of all the information coming to it.

On the 8th begins a month of focus on making home and family work in the sense of getting and giving more value and healing and for some people that is going to mean leaving them all behind for a while, where taking a big break is the best path to heal yourself of and

from them and the past!

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd beginning a month of focus on health, work and service to others. It is a time for criticism and critique to see what needs to be, and can be improved and perfected.


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