Audacity of ignorance |

Audacity of ignorance

Dear Editor:

It’s incredible. Questioning numerous people on why they supported Obama they repeatedly answered “change.” When I asked what that meant, nobody gave me a conclusive answer. They didn’t know.

Millions willingly believed every word Obama said without examining his senate voting record, his associations, and his views on life. Campaigns are always full of promises never realized but Obama’s devotees believed every word verbatim. The biased media was permitted to manipulate and sway voters with polls, sound bites and blatant lies. Throughout this tedious campaign, Obama was protected from scrutiny by his media fan club and his uninformed supporters.

This same phenomenon occurred during the mid ’30s when the German people believed massive propaganda which didn’t go well in the end. The politically naïve masses blindly accept myths because they need to believe that someone in authority will rescue them or give them something for nothing. Many are youth who are motivated but not informed. Many are unmotivated and are hoping to benefit from Obama’s redistribution and welfare policies. Many voted for him because of his skin color and didn’t care that in times such as these, he was the worse possible choice.

We all have to live with the outcome of this election but it will not be pretty. All of us will suffer one way or another. I am angry that this campaign was not about what’s best for America but rather who had the most money, influence and airtime. But what is, is.

I will continue to fight for my Constitutional rights, for the defense of freedom and life, for secure borders and the rebirth of the principles that our forefathers labored to give us. I will never abandon my beliefs, my love for America or my right to speak my mind.

Sunny Stapelman

Glenwood Springs

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