Attitude is altitude |

Attitude is altitude

Dear Editor:Mr. Colson, I read your article on the ambassador program [“Up in arms,” Jan. 2]. My name is Dr. Jack Le Frock and I have been an ambassador for four years at Aspen Highlands.Every group has what I call whiners. Most of these people just want a ski pass and do not want to give anything back in return. These people need to remember attitude is altitude in life.I think the comments on Chris Kelly are unfair. She has bawled me out several times and I probably deserved it. I have dealt with people for 35 years especially when I ran a department of medicine with 250 workers. Chris Kelly is fair, caring and very conscientious. If people have problems they need to sit down and talk with her. I have always found her very receptive.As far as guest services and mountain manager goes we have two great people in Judy and Ron at Aspen Highlands. In fact, the whole guest services team is a pleasure to work with.Jack L. Le FrockAspen