Attention, hunters |

Attention, hunters

Dear Editor:For those local sportsmen who are unaware of the proposal by outfitter Gary Hubbell to make big game Units 43 and 471 draw-only units, you will soon get your chance to voice your opinion. The Colorado Division of Wildlife commissioners are holding a workshop in Glenwood Springs on Oct. 5 and will be accepting public input on this proposal. If this passes it will not only affect those of you that hunt 43 and 471, but will also have an impact on the surrounding units as they will see more hunter numbers. We locals need to show up and let the commissioners see how strongly we oppose this proposal. It could be our last chance! The agenda calls for public input on draw-only units to begin at 3:20 p.m., but you will need to be there about 30 minutes early (2:50 p.m.) as sometimes they are ahead of schedule. The meeting is at the Ramada Inn in Glenwood Springs, 124 W. 6th St.Ron ChristianAspen