Attacking the messenger |

Attacking the messenger

Dear Editor:

I do not know Alvaro Agon.

To clarify the issue: It appears that people in the U.S. illegally are accusing an officer of the law for legally enforcing the law. Did I miss something here? (“Carbondale school officer accused of racial profiling,” Sept. 19, 2011, Glenwood Springs Post Independent)

When did the rights of illegals become superior to the rights of legal U.S. citizens?

If somebody sees a person commit a crime, shouldn’t they report that person to the proper authorities? Isn’t entering the U.S. illegally considered a crime and the perpetrators considered to be criminals?

I don’t know if Officer Agon should be commended for enforcing the law or not, but when did enforcing the law become the equivalent of “setting a bad example for the students”?

Perhaps such frivolous claims against law enforcement personnel will be quickly dismissed by the populace.

Larry Thoreson

Snowmass Village

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