Athlete grateful for support |

Athlete grateful for support

Dear Editor:

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the support of this community. The U.S. Ski Team underwent significant budget cuts this summer. My teammate Simi Hamilton and I have had to come up with virtually all of the funding necessary to ski on the World Cup this winter. Several of our biggest supporters, including our parents, organized a fundraiser last Friday night at the Limelight Lodge.

It was an incredible event; we had a huge turnout, and an awesome show of support. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event and who showed up to support us! It meant so much to me to see what a wide range of people want to see us succeed. We received support from people in all types of economic situations and from all different walks of life. I was especially moved by the support of people who have no connection to Nordic skiing. We have also continued to receive great support from people who couldn’t make the event. Thank you!

Noah Hoffman