Assurance and plea |

Assurance and plea

Editor’s note: This letter was originally an e-mail sent from Aspen High School student David Hach to his family and friends. David is studying in Thailand.Dear Editor:Hi Everyone (again),I know I just e-mailed a couple days ago, and I hate to flood inboxes, but there’s been some concern over my safety after the recent earthquake and flooding of some southern towns. In Bangkok, I felt both the original quake on Sunday and the following tremors later in the day. No damage was caused here, and I am fine.I know when this sort of tragedy happens many of us turn a blind eye and try not to think about it unless it affects us directly. There are now millions of people left homeless throughout this region, thousands of injured people, and horrible living conditions for survivors. All the drinking water has been contaminated and is no longer suitable for consumption, communications are sketchy, and disease is expected to become rampant soon. The most essential things needed now are water, food and shelter, and these things cannot be provided without money. I hope you will seriously consider donating a few dollars to the Red Cross, or an organization like it, to help provide support to the people who have lost everything.Given the problems that have happened, blood is desperately needed for the 8,000-or-so injured tourists in the south of Thailand. Apparently, Thai blood is no good for them, so there’s been a calling out for European and American people to donate. All the Rotary Youth Exchange students are going out to a hospital on Saturday to give, and I am planning on joining them.David HachBangkok, Thailand