Assembling a tool kit |

Assembling a tool kit

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to all those who helped to support the Democracy Toolkit project through the Jazz for Peace concert on Dec. 29.

The concert was part of an ongoing effort to fund this pilot project that will involve 19 local high school students (so far!) The students will be learning the basics of grassroots organizing and how to effectively work with policy makers to solve problems in our communities and in the world. They will also be learning the leadership ethics and skills that foster collaboration and mutual respect in civic life.

The Democracy Toolkit is a project of PeaceJam, an international nonprofit that provides civic empowerment training to students through the guidance of 11 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. The crucial skill set of the Toolkit will provide youth with the tools they need to systemically address the most pressing problems in the world, and in their communities. The goal is for a critical mass of youth to reach voting age with far more than the ability to cast a vote ” they will have the problem solving tools necessary to do the grassroots work of self-governance.

Thanks again to the members of the media, families of the students, community leaders and friends who made the concert a strong first effort in getting the Democracy Toolkit off the ground.

If you are interesting in helping to support this project please contact Gwen Garcelon at or 963-9182.

Gwen Garcelon


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